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One Foot In. One Foot Out.

I’ve been going back and forth, trying to decide whether to tell you a really good story about a cosmic retrofit I had a few years back, or share the poem I wrote that grew out of that experience.

Both won out, hands down, but the poem should come first. It needs a week to do its job; to work its magic, to open the brain to new possibilities. And, as we move in and out (and seemingly in) again with this pandemic, any forward movement we can make is proof positive that even when we don’t know where we’re going, if we simply change the conversation we’re having inside our own head about ourselves, about our circumstance, our next step reveals itself.

I will tell you the story of what prompted this poem in the next blog. I promise. The shenanigans involved, the mischievousness, the savvy of a benevolent Universe intent on setting me straight, is impressive. Maybe even worth the wait.

For today, enjoy the poem. Then join the conversation!



Looking, watching breathlessly

For night to green the day,

When “Next” fans out before me

And clearly shows my way.

When the promise of the song I sing

Becomes the way I live,

When the lessons I am learning now

Become the gifts I give.

When my longing turns to Beauty

And unknowing quits my days,

When misgiving turns to confidence

And transfigures into praise.

When I call out for an answer

And know exactly what to do,

When chaos turns to order

And I rest my heart in You.

When the Holy Next in waiting

Reveals itself to me

And fills me with a fierce resolve

That calls me to be Me.

"Take heart, my Dear," the Sacred sings,

In a voice like liquid sun,

“Let your lion heart take up My chant

Your Next has now begun.”

- Margaret Wolff


Margaret Wolff is a writer, storyteller, art therapist, and retreat leader. Her work celebrates the ways in which the collective wisdom and storytelling reveal the truth and beauty of our inner lives and connect us—heart to beating heart—to each other.

COMING HOME: Finding Shelter in the Love and Wisdom of Paramahansa Yogananda (White Pearl Press, May 20201), is a curated collection of 14 modern-day stories of spiritual awakening that reflect “the most creative and transformative experience life can offer—developing an intimate partnership with the invisible God of one’s heart.”

Available wherever fine books are sold.

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2 commentaires

Mary Ambrose
Mary Ambrose
17 juil. 2021

Simply beautiful. Today I was needing the guidance of Guruji, and this poem reminded me that I'm not alone in speaking to Guru and God - all of us who have found the Path are talking to him all the time. Thanks for sharing your heart feelings.

Margaret Wolff
Margaret Wolff
17 juil. 2021
En réponse à

The point is to elevate the internal conversation we have with ourselves. Your comment made me realize that this can happen by stopping the negative things we tell ourselves, by reframing what's happening to us in a new light and / or just telling ourselves good things, and by talking things over with the God of our hearts. Thanx for sharing your heart feelings!

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