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"Books are the liberated spirits of men."

Mark Twain

Trade Reviews

 East End, Donna Young

"A diverse collection that delivers compelling accounts of spiritual journeys and growth."

–Kirkus Reviews

 East End, Donna Young

“ … a personal exploration of faith and discovery that brings to life the experience of 'coming home' to a spiritual life, capturing this feeling through insights into the personal lives of Yogananda's disciples.” … “It's rare to find a new age or spiritual memoir that allows the reader to 'spiritually exhale'. Coming Home: Finding Shelter in the Love and Wisdom of Paramahansa Yogananda offers an opportunity to breathe and discover, and is highly recommended reading for those who would understand what is involved in leading a spiritual lifestyle.”

–Midwest Book Review

 East End, Donna Young

"The stories in COMING HOME convey the unutterable joy religious seekers in all traditions experience when they find their teachers and / or their path, the yearning to find connection, meaning, and the sense of the sacred that is as urgent and perennial as any of our other 'instinctual' drives."

Carol Lee Flinders, Author

Enduring Grace:  Living Portraits of Seven Women Mystics

 East End, Donna Young

"These thought-provoking personal descriptions in this collection speak to our times, especially that we are now experiencing a global pandemic with far-reaching consequences. [The stories in COMING HOME] ... do not just transmit knowledge; they convey understanding. .... These storytellers will stir your curiosity and probably motivate you to walk your spiritual adventure."

–Norm Goldman of

 East End, Donna Young

"Margaret Wolff has a rare gift of gently reaching into the reader’s soul through the timeless inspiration of the fourteen stories contained in her brilliant “Coming Home: Finding Shelter in the Love and Wisdom of Paramahansa Yogananda."

–John Busbee fpr The Culture Buzz

2014 Iowa Governor's Award for Partnership & Collaboration in the Arts

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